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AlnwickKajetan Blog

Health and Fitness
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How to Treat Nail Fungus

By AlnwickKajetan at 2010-11-25 01:04:17
If you are one of many people who suffer from nail fungus, you may be wondering how to treat it. The most common nail fungus affects the toenails. It is less likely to have the fungus in the fingernails but they are both treated in the same way.

When choosing how to treat nail fungus, you have several options. First of all, there's the obvious. Call your doctor, wait until your appointment, take time off of work, drive to his office and pay him to look at your hideous nails. He will tell you
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Dealing With a Sinus Problem

By AlnwickKajetan at 2010-11-24 00:35:50
The Para nasal sinuses' inflammation, which results from some infection or allergy, is known as sinusitis. If sinusitis lasts for four months or more then it is called as chronic. It can be viral, bacterial, fungal or autoimmune in nature. The chronic sinus problems result from a complicated spectrum of various diseases. Besides the above mentioned, the causes may also include environmental factors such as pollution or dust.

Like other sinusitis, maxillary sinus problems are also treated thro
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How to Get Rid of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

By AlnwickKajetan at 2010-11-24 00:29:29
If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you already know what a literal and figurative pain this condition can be! Whether your hemorrhoids are serious enough to warrant a doctor's appointment or they are merely an annoyance that you suffer from, there are actually plenty of natural remedies that can help you relive the itching as well as bring down the swelling that this condition causes.

Now, let's start with a bleeding hemorrhoid. This is usually caused by something known as an external hemorrhoid
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How to Remove Genital Hair

By AlnwickKajetan at 2010-11-22 01:05:40
We all wish that we didn't have body hair because it not only looks unsightly but can also feel awful. What's more, being hairless is actually a necessity for those who like wearing bikinis on a daily basis. Things have changed over the years and in today's society it seems that is is not acceptable for women to have a single strand of body hair.

Every part of the body can be shaved with razors (except maybe the insides of the ears); however, this does not mean that the general level of safet
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Flatulence Treatment

By AlnwickKajetan at 2010-11-22 00:55:35
Are you looking for a flatulence treatment? You're not alone! There are many of us who suffer from this embarrassing problem. There are many things that you do that can lead to a problem with gas like overindulgence in food for instance. There are also specific types of food you can eat that cause more gas than others: Broccoli, certain meats, beans, etc.

Flatulence is such a broad term, with so many connected and side issues, that it is rather short sighted to refer to it simply as "farting"
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